Labor Segmentation is the process of interfacing detailed salary and manhour data from the Hospital payroll system into the HSL to facilitate advanced labor and staffing analyses.  At the close of each biweekly pay period, data is passed from the payroll system in the form of the HR Master into the labor segmentation interface portion of DSI (Diverse System Integration). The output files form DSI are then passed in a specific file format into the HSL, where they are batch-processed into a pre-defined account structure.  This structure, accessible in either biweekly or monthly increments, contains the following data elements: worked department, labor type, employee status, job class and pay type.  Numerous audit reports are produced by the batch allowing for comparison to hospital totals form the Actual Dollars and Hours Report. Then several analytical reports are produced that show detailed labor categories for the current pay period and year-to-date

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