Summary of qualifications

eTBA has provided numerous consulting engagements to the healthcare industry.  Projects have encompassed many areas including flexible budgeting, labor cost management, product cost management, fixed variable cost analysis, and Diverse Systems Integration.  Our consultants have extensive experience in all aspects of healthcare cost management, healthcare net revenue management, and healthcare flexible budgeting.

Example Engagements 

We refined the concepts, development, and marketing of the Diverse Systems Integration product line which was conceived at Tampa Bay Associates. Our goal was to develop "userless" systems that perform information flow and audit processes that would normally require a consultant utilizing

Past software design

  • Managed Care Decomposition Analysis (MCDA)

The goal of MCDA is to clearly define and quantify the hospital expected reimbursement process in terms of patient characteristics and expected reimbursement so that the healthcare executive may identify and potentially optimize net income within existing Managed Care contracts.

  • Charge Capture Audit (CCA)

Charge Capture Audit provides a comprehensive, systematic approach for reviewing detailed patient bills for compliance to standard clinical guidelines and billing compliance rules. 


This project involves the conceptualization and design of the process and method to allow the provision of backend physician treatment profiling to the internet health content providers such as WebMD, CareData, Dr. Koop, and the like.


This project involves the development of a new product line to provide hospital-based drug utilization studies by clinical entity to the pharmaceutical industry based on a standard clinical data repository.

  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA)

This project requires a review of the proposed privacy rules as provided for the 1996 HIPAA legislation to determine impacts on the company with respect to company's handling of hospital based protected health information.

eTBA has provided specialized Decision Support and Executive Information (EIS) consulting and software solutions to the healthcare industry. Products addressed the following EIS needs:

  • Cost Management

Product Cost Management
Labor Segmentation
Fixed/ Variable Cost Analysis

  • Utilization Management

Critical Pathway Development
Standard Treatment Profiles
Physician Drill-Downs

  • Revenue Enhancement

Charge Master Redesign
Comparative Pricing Analysis
Strategic Price Modeling

  • Managed Care

Contract Analysis Models
Break-even Analysis

  • Hardware/Software Acquisition

Digital Equipment Corporation - VAR
HBO and Company - Trendstar DSS/EIS
Shared Medical Systems - DSS/EIS, Patient Accounting and Clinical Systems
Healthcare Microsystems, Inc. - DSS
Transition Systems, Inc. - DSS/EIS
Mediqual Systems, Inc. - Severity and Quality Management
Oracle Corporation - VAR, Proprietary Intra-Hospital Comparative Pricing Systems

  • Diverse Systems Integration

Applications Standardization
System Structural Standardization
Customized EIS Data Repository with Windows-based Executive Reporting Matrix
Interface Engines which provide data for EIS Repository
Compliant with ODBC, OLE 2.0, SQL, etc. Industry Standards

  • Past implementations in client hospitals

Flexible Budget
Clinical Product Lines
Productivity Monitoring Systems
Physician Monitoring Systems
Product Costing Systems
Management Cost Allocation Matrices
Procedure-Driven Flexible Budget


  • Cost Management, Labor Segmentation, and Fixed Variable Cost Analysis
    Baptist Hospital of Nashville - Executive Committee

  • Standards-Based Cost Accounting
    Mercy Hospital, Miami - Board of Directors

  • Revenue Enhancement Methods and Theory

  • Managed Care Contract Analysis and Modeling

  • Physician Treatment Profiles

  • Disease Staging

  • Diverse Systems Integration and Applications Integration